Who We Are

SEABED MARINE provides a full range of automation services including engineering, design, programming, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning, start-up, and maintenance of a wide variety of control and power systems. We are experienced with all industrial control methods, including solid state control, electrical relay logic, pneumatic systems, and hydraulic systems. Typical applications include control systems, safety systems, power distribution, well control, pipeline control, chemical injection, etc. We maintain a range of spare parts and complete systems in stock and offer our products and services to clients around the globe. Some of the assignments are planned well in advance however many are instigated by an urgent phone call from our customers who require a repair team to depart immediately along with all test equipment, tools and spare parts. Due to the urgent nature of our business we supply our customers from an extensive inventory of equipment and spare parts held in our stores.


Our Skills

Automation And Control


Electrical,electronic & Safety


Instrumentation And Calibration


Pneumatic And Hydraulic


Our Vision

We are committed to provide innovative service with best quality to all our clients. We are continuously improving the quality of our work through client interaction, leadership, teamwork and work process improvement because

“When it comes to our work….  We put our heart in it….”

Our Mission

“Partnering for Progress” – Our business philosophy is to align ourselves with our customers as partners to ensure our mutual success. Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers, to anticipate their aspirations, and to respond creatively with technologically superior branded products and services which raise the quality of life. To this, we bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to the service of our customers and this is the core of SEABED MARINE’S mission

Business Ethics Statement

Seabed is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. In particular, our commitment to Safety, Quality, Integrity, Responsibility, and Respect for Others is steadfast, at all times, without exception. These five Core Values are the foundation of our corporate culture and must be embraced and practiced on an individual basis by all SEABED employees. These values bind us together as a company and keep us working toward the same goals wherever we are and whatever we do.

Our Actions Reflect Our Beliefs

  • We endeavor to work safely, to protect the safety of others, and to protect the environment in which we work.
  • We demonstrate integrity by acting honestly, obeying the law, and treating others, with whom we work, with fairness and respect.
  • We do not use contractors, agents, consultants, brokers, distributors, or any other third party to perform any act that is in violation the law or Seabed’s policies.
  • We promote integrity by encouraging employees to report any situation that appears to go against Seabed’s Core Values.
  • We are committed to fair and equitable treatment of all our employees and applicants for employment.
  • We are committed to delivering quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


We all play a  crucial role in maintaining Seabed’s outstanding reputation. We honor the legacy of the generations of employees who built this company by our continued commitment to our Core Values.